Did you know it takes 40 litres of sap to make a single litre of maple syrup? Neither did we!!

In a movement to remove sugars, artificial sweeteners & syrups from our lifestyle, we began using pure maple syrup in our morning java. And so it began….our new found obsession and journey into making our very own liquid gold! Little did we know just what we were getting ourselves into.

From tapping trees, hanging pails, collecting sap in knee deep snow, a homemade evaporator, boiling sap over open flame, late nights stoking the fire, multiple taste tests, laughter and visits from family and friends, has lead us to where we are today at Richlaw Maple in beautiful Midhurst, Ontario.

Today, modern equipment has helped us perfect our products, but has also allowed us to keep the traditional process alive with locally sourced small batch products. We continue to educate ourselves and evolve within the industry and are proud members of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association. We are known within Simcoe County for our quality products made with pure awesomeness.

In the Spring, you can find us at our sugar shack (if you look hard enough through the enchanting maple scented steam). From the simplicity of nature to the complexity of the physics of sap flow, we love the entire process and find it educational and rewarding!

We also LOVE our customers, come visit us, bring the kids, and experience what made us fall in love with all things maple!

-Kirkland (The Sugar Wizard) and Leslie (Quality Assurance Specialist)
Richlaw Maple